A Message from Our CEO

For nearly four decades, we at the Legal Research Center have earned the reputation as a trusted ‘go to’ partner for law firms, corporations, trade associations, and major legal publishers on a national and global basis.

Yet, one could safely say we are one of the best kept secrets in the legal and regulatory market.

. . . until now.

Welcome to LegalResearch.com, a ‘first of kind’ destination for litigation & compliance professionals.

Whether you manage complex litigation or regulatory compliance risk . . . and when you absolutely need to get it right, and get it right now, I trust you will find what you are looking for here. Just Ask Us.

LegalResearch.com brings a best-in-class team of legal experts who are your secret weapon in litigation and your vanguard for managing compliance risk. Whatever your litigation or compliance issue, we stand ready to help you find your pathway as your trusted partner, on your terms, your timing, and your budget.

We are very good at what we do – many say we are the best.  Rather than taking my word for it, please take a moment to review how Our Customers Say it Best.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the world’s most respected legal intelligence company that professionals trust and rely on to make the law clear and applicable to any circumstance they may face, while advancing the tenets of equal access, fairness, transparency and justice every day.

Our Values

Customer Leadership Mindset

We work tirelessly to win the hearts and minds of our customers with authentic and personable service delivered with integrity, quality and responsiveness – customer leadership is not corporate speak to us, it’s how we work for you.

Innovation Made Practical

We innovate every day on behalf of our customers, in ways that matter and are beneficial to their worlds – innovation is not theory to us, it’s what we do every day.

Teamwork Inspired Culture

We foster a culture of leadership and teamwork, where every team member is entrusted and supported to deliver above and beyond for our customers – teamwork is not aspirational to us, it’s how we stand apart from the rest.

Commitment to Community

We are active stewards of the law and strive to exemplify the role of corporate citizenship, supporting the right ways to do business in a sustainable, socially conscious and legally compliant way – good citizenship is not a notion to us, it’s demonstrated in our work every day.

We invite you to use LegalResearch.com, and please let us know what you think, and what more you would like to see – just email me at Kevin@legalresearch.com

Kind regards,

Kevin L. Ritchey

Kevin Ritchey

Kevin Ritchey