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Before you commit to using Litigation Partner from LegalResearch.com, you can review samples of our past work product (all names and facts have been fictionalized to protect the innocent).  See samples below which may be freely downloaded.

Or, simply tell us the type of project you’d like us to work on. We’ll provide samples and complete details of the work specific to your situation.

Expert Research

Sample: Legal Research

In today’s world, clients often embark upon business ventures across state lines.  Yet, most attorneys infrequently engage in multijurisdictional practice, preferring instead to focus on local matters.  So, when a Colorado attorney needed to advise a client on business matters controlled by California law, LegalResearch.com was there to help.  LegalResearch.com discussed the background facts, thoroughly examined California law on point, explored persuasive authority nationwide to underscore the applicable law, and ensured that he possessed the current, authoritative law he needed to properly advise his client.

Sample: Legal Research

LegalResearch.com excels when the arguments are the most difficult and your back is against the wall, but no job is too small.  For instance, a Massachusetts attorney simply asked LegalResearch.com to deliver authoritative decisions finding an oral settlement agreement not reduced to writing to nonetheless constitute a binding, enforceable settlement agreement.  In no time, LegalResearch.com ran the appropriate searches, collected and verified the authorities, and delivered them for review.  Confirming LegalResearch.com’s value, the attorney remarked, “Your work product and copies of cases on point were exactly what I had requested.”

Case-Specific Analysis

Sample: In-house Memorandum of Law

Sometimes, knowing the substantive law is not enough. LegalResearch.com also drafts damages assessments, compiles verdict and settlement reports, and offers other damage-related research.  In this example, LegalResearch.com helped a Massachusetts attorney understand not only substantive issues presented under Nevada law, but the range of potential damage awards his fact pattern implicated as well.

Sample: Letter Report

In law, as in medicine, it’s often wise to seek a second opinion.  Thankfully, an experienced Arizona litigator with a very specialized practice recently did just that.  After doing his own research, our customer determined that a settlement of his client’s personal injury claims would not preclude later claims to be brought by his beneficiaries in the event of his unfortunate death.  Poised to authorize the settlement, the attorney first asked LegalResearch.com to independently analyze the issue, and he’s glad he did.  “I had initially researched this question and planned a course of action that would have potentially been disastrous.  I’m very grateful for your excellent work.”  LegalResearch.com’s analysis indicated that, contrary to the attorney’s research, the settlement very likely would have foreclosed his client’s beneficiaries’ rights.

Accurate Writing Solutions

Sample: Trial Court Memorandum

A Louisiana attorney more experienced in state court than federal court asked LegalResearch.com to confront opposing counsel’s use of the Fifth Amendment privilege against self-incrimination to disrupt the discovery process in a civil rights case.  After initially drafting a motion to dismiss himself, opposing counsel filed an opposition brief attempting to justify his client’s rights.  LegalResearch.com thoroughly reviewed the briefing, exhaustively researched controlling law, and persuasively analyzed the issues to prepare a persuasive, successful court-ready reply brief negating opposing counsel’s arguments.

Sample: Trial Court Memorandum

In a multijurisdictional practice, staying abreast of the recent developments and local nuances of a foreign jurisdiction can be daunting.  That’s why, when a Colorado litigator with a highly specialized nationwide practice received a motion for a protective order in a case filed in Missouri, he turned to LegalResearch.com.  LegalResearch.com’s experience navigating legal issues in states throughout the country enabled us to quickly identify the applicable procedural requirements, comprehensively examine the substantive law, and succinctly challenge the motion.

Our Customers Say It Best

We just heard the court of appeals affirmed the judgment of the trial court! In other words....WE WON! Just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done for us! You have no idea how this little boy's life will be greatly impacted as a result! We needed to win this for TK and could not have done it without you!

Experienced Litigator

Shreveport, LA

“I promised for several years that we would find projects for LRC. When we finally did, the result was even better than I had imagined. Our experience was so positive that we will consider LRC for every research task of significance, and we will have no hesitation to sell our choice of using LRC as a money saver for our clients.”

Ralph Palumbo

Seattle, WA

“LRC’s help in my recent eight-week jury trial was a lifesaver. With your prompt and effective research, you help the small plaintiffs’ law firm match the mega-firm’s research capabilities when we need it.”

John C. McCarthy

Claremont, California

“I have practiced law doing trial work for 44 years. This was absolutely one of the best briefs I have ever seen done by anybody.”

John Gehlhausen

Past President of Colorado Trial Lawyers Association