Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

For defined legal research needs, simply visit our secure online order form, here. Alternatively, our representatives are happy to take your research or survey request over the phone—call 1-800-776-9377 (or 612-332-4950 from overseas) to place your order or for further information.

What information will I be asked for when placing an order?

Depending on the type of order, any or all of the following information will assist us:

  • Client’s name
  • Case name
  • Status of the case
  • Name of opposing counsel and firm
  • Statement of the facts
  • Research issues
  • Your thoughts and instincts about the case and issues
  • Any research you have compiled
  • Copies of any relevant file documents
  • Your timetable
  • Budget factors or restrictions

The more information you provide, the better able we will be to assist you in your specific needs.

What does LegalResearch.com charge for research, analysis and writing services?

When you call with a project, LegalResearch.com will develop a fixed price so that you’ll know upfront the cost involved with your requested work. This fixed price is based on the number of legal issues to be addressed, the complexity of the required analysis, and our anticipated costs for computer-assisted research services and other incidentals. We also offer hourly pricing.

What if more research is required than your initial estimate?

Sometimes, during the course of our research, we will identify and bring to your attention a collateral issue. You then have the option of expanding the scope of the project to include the additional issue. We can either adjust your fixed price to account for this new issue, or we can proceed on an hourly basis. In every instance, the pricing options are up to you!

What is LegalResearch.com’s service guarantee?

LegalResearch.com guarantees complete satisfaction with its services. In the unlikely event that you are dissatisfied with our services, we will work with you to explore the possible steps to ensure your satisfaction. While we cannot guarantee that a specific case will be located in the predicted timeframe, we do guarantee the best effort possible to conduct the requested research within our allotted time and budget. Should we determine that more time is required, as is sometimes the case in any research project, we will advise you and request more time to complete the project.

I'm under time pressure—how quickly can LegalResearch.com help?

LegalResearch.com understands that sometimes you need immediate results. Don’t go to trial unprepared—give us a call when you’re in a pinch. We can have evidence rules and case law support for your trial ready for you in as little as 30 minutes. You’ll never be unprepared again.

I already started a brief—I just need help finishing it. Can you help?

No problem. LegalResearch.com frequently incorporates research into multi-issue appellate or trial briefs. We can also provide the entire argument section for a brief with completed factual and procedural sections. You handle the issues you know best, and we’ll handle the rest!

Can LegalResearch.com help me with my pre-litigation research?

LegalResearch.com frequently prepares memoranda exploring various causes of action for a variety of situations, including pre-lawsuit negotiations and complaints. We can also give you settlement and jury verdict amounts awarded in similar cases based on venue, location, and other factors. You provide the facts, and we’ll provide you with the possible legal outcomes—a valuable resource that will free up your time and allow you to focus your attention on the trial itself, as well as give an objective baseline for settlement negotiations and client counseling.

Can you draft pleadings?

Whether you are carefully planning a suit or have an immediate statute of limitations problem, LegalResearch.com can help. After reviewing the results of your factual investigation, LegalResearch.com will scour the applicable law, propose available causes of action, offer further factual development suggestions, and draft a sustainable complaint in the appropriate state or federal venue. If you prefer to draft the complaint yourself, LegalResearch.com can prepare a thorough memorandum to help guide you through the factual and legal issues.

What international jurisdictions do you cover?

LegalResearch.com understands that today’s business world is expanding. Our research is expanding too, crossing the boundaries of US law and into foreign, treaty, and international law. We tap into the nation’s top foreign law library collections, as well as a worldwide network of foreign law experts, to support your business expansion and compliance objectives so that you can be confident in the regulatory environments that lie ahead for you and your growing practice.

Who will be doing my research, analysis and writing?

Our employees—all highly credentialed, experienced research attorneys and information specialists with strong research and writing backgrounds—are all rigorously tested prior to hiring. We hire only honor law school graduates with at least two years of practical experience and technical proficiency, and most of our attorneys have over thirty years of experience in the legal profession.

Who writes your court-ready briefs?

LegalResearch.com has a staff of appellate brief writers whose many years of appellate brief writing experience result in a strong argument to support your position on appeal. If accepted under our guaranteed plan and the result of the case is not in your favor, we’ll refund the cost in full.

How is quality controlled at LegalResearch.com?

Our projects are subject to a comprehensive editorial review by a senior attorney editor, as well as current citation checks. All projects commence with an outline detailing the assigned research scope, budget, and timeline, and all projects are followed up with an evaluation form and phone call to ensure clients’ needs have been addressed. Additionally, whenever possible, the same research attorney or team with whom you have worked in the past will be assigned to your subsequent projects, allowing you to commission any research assignment with ease and confidence.

How do I know that my information is kept confidential?

LegalResearch.com is committed to maintaining customer confidence and trust in our security. We adhere to four independent obligations: contract obligations, ethical obligations, attorney-client privilege, and workproduct doctrine.

Learn more about our Confidentiality Policy.

How does LegalResearch.com handle conflicts of interest?

LegalResearch.com avoids conflicts of interest when delivering research and writing services to LegalResearch.com customer through three principal methods: LegalResearch.com policy, contracts with research attorneys, and strict observance of ethics rules.

Learn more about our Conflict of Interest Policy.

Does LegalResearch.com maintain malpractice Insurance?

While LegalResearch.com carries general liability insurance, it does not carry malpractice insurance for its Research Attorneys. LegalResearch.com’s attorney-customers understand that they are ultimately responsible for the work they provide to their clients. They are also aware of the extraordinary quality control systems LegalResearch.com incorporates into the production of its workproduct.

Learn more about Liability and Malpractice Insurance.

Are the services provided by LegalResearch.com considered ‘practicing law’?

LegalResearch.com does not engage in the practice of law or hold itself out to be practicing law. Its Research Attorneys have no nonlawyer client contact, do not provide legal advice, and never appear in court. Each attorney using LegalResearch.com’s services is expressly advised that LegalResearch.com “is not engaged in the practice of law” and that its “workproduct does not constitute a legal opinion or legal advice and is prepared solely for review by the lawyer utilizing LegalResearch.com.”

Learn more about Outsourcing Legal Work and the Practice of Law.

May I add a surcharge to fees charged by LegalResearch.com and pass along to my client?

There is substantial authority that a practitioner may charge the client a premium or reasonable measure of profit in excess of what LegalResearch.com charges the practitioner, so long as the total charges are reasonable and the LegalResearch.com Research Attorney is under the “direct supervision” of the practitioner.

Learn more about Adding Surcharges to LegalResearch.com Fees.

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Our Customers Say It Best

“LRC definitely is more cost effective than hiring an additional associate.”

Alan L. Inglis

Rancho Cucamonga, California

“I’ve used LRC’s whole gamut of services—research, memo writing, brief drafting, etc. I’ve also used LRC on a number of appeals. Every time I’ve used LRC I’ve won the case.”

Mary Maring

Fargo, ND

“I was in trial, just an hour away from closing arguments when the judge made a bad ruling on a jury instruction. I called at 12:15 P.M. and told you that I needed a case to support my position...within 45 minutes you provided me with the case, the judge gave the jury the appropriate instruction, and we won.”

Steven Cahill

Moorhead, Minnesota

“Our office changed 25 years ago when we first used LRC. We learned that we could afford first-class legal research and writing in vibrant rural southern Colorado, could compete on a new level, and expand our clientele. Since then we are batting 1000 on the projects entrusted to LRC. For us they are a difference maker, whether we just need relevant citations, full national search, a memorandum, or drop in argument for a motion or brief. We rely on LRC as our go to legal assistant an highly recommend their services.”

Dennis M. Malone

Trinidad, Colorado