Legal Memorandum: Cases Defining the Use of Expert Testimony

Issue: What cases set out the parameters defining the use of expert testimony?

Area of Law: Litigation & Procedure
Keywords: Use of expert testimony; Cases
Jurisdiction: Colorado
Cited Cases: 694 N.Y.S.2d 642; 38 P.3d 75; 782 P.2d 834; 809 P.2d 1045; 727 P.2d 1090; 768 P.2d 534; 684 P.2d 1151; 800 P.2d 1307; 715 N.Y.S.2d 712; 776 P.2d 1130; 80 P.3d 883; 759 A.2d 1060; 692 N.E.2d 1303
Cited Statutes: None
Date: 08/01/2006

 The following cases discuss the issue:

·         Koehn v. R.D. Werner Co., 809 P.2d 1045, 1048 (Colo. Ct. App. 1990) (stating, “In weighing the probative value of evidence against the dangers and considerations enumerated in CRE 403, the general rule is that the balance should be struck in favor of admission.”)

·         People v. Melendez, 80 P.3d 883 (Colo. Ct. App. 2003) (holding that the trial court’s exclusion of witness, whose testimony would not have been duplicative of that of other witnesses, was not a harmless error, and ordering a new trial), aff’d, 102 P.3d 315 (Colo. 2004).

·         People v. Morrison, 1999 Colo. J. 1488, 985 P.2d 1 (Colo. Ct. App. 1999) (stating that just because evidence is cumulative does not necessarily make it inadmissible, and holding that repetition of statements in evidence did not make them prejudicial)

·         Redden v. SCI Colo. Funeral Servs., Inc., 38 P.3d 75, 82-83 (Colo. 2001) (stating that expert need not be of precisely the same specialty or profession as […]

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