Legal Memorandum: Motion to Vacate a Judgment in NJ

Issue: What is the standard for a motion to vacate a judgment in NJ?

Area of Law: Litigation & Procedure
Keywords: Motion to vacate a judgment; Standard
Jurisdiction: New Jersey
Cited Cases: 149 A.2d 839; 135 N.J. 274; 176 N.J. 201; 48 N.J. 334; 821 A.2d 1157
Cited Statutes: N.J. Ct. R. 4:50-1, 4:50-1(f)
Date: 08/01/2010

Exclusions in insurance policies must be “construed narrowly and strictly against the insurer and, like coverage, in accordance with the expectations of the insured.”  Travelers Indem. Co. v. Bloomington Steel & Supply Co., 718 N.W.2d 888, 894 (Minn. 2006).


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