Our Customers Say it Best

Serving our customers in ways that go above and beyond the normal course of business, is normal for us. Our customers often come to us with the really difficult litigation & compliance issues that will make a huge difference in their worlds; issues that require innovative approaches, legal precision, expert quality delivery and super responsiveness – all at the same time. It’s what we do. Those who work with us almost always come back for more, and more, and more often.

Please take a moment to read a sample of the many kind words we receive from some of our most appreciative customers.

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Experienced Litigator, Shreveport, LA

"We just heard the court of appeals affirmed the judgment of the trial court! In other words....WE WON! Just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done for us! You have no idea how this little boy's life will be greatly impacted as a result! We needed to win this for TK and could not have done it without you!"

John K. Motsinger, Republic Mortgage Insurance Co., Winston-Salem, NC

“The Legal Research Center helped Republic Mortgage Insurance Company by conducting a 50-state review of laws about property ownership by foreigners. We later distributed the workproducts to all our field underwriting offices as part of a package on underwriting mortgage loans to aliens. We could not have done this ourselves.”

Douglas Sharps, Healthcare Recoveries, Inc., Louisville, KY

“There is great consistency in LRC’s excellent work and there is a real effort within LRC to build on what is known or what has been learned.”

Robert Becker, Delta Dental Plan, San Francisco, CA

“Your work was very thorough. It had all the information I needed.”

Barbara Sutherland, Northland Insurance Company, St. Paul, MN

“I am repeatedly amazed at the diligence of LRC. They make sure all the bases are covered, using all available resources. They don’t overlook anything. And one of the best aspects of LRC is that their researchers require very little direction.”

Mark Ohringer, Heller Financial, Chicago, IL

“LRC was selected as Heller’s preferred provider of research, writing and knowledge management services because of its passion for excellence and its commitment to customer service, technological innovation and strategic partnering.”

Patrick Barrett, Hewlett-Packard Company, Palo Alto, CA

“When legal issues arise in our busy law department requiring analytical research and writing, we’ve frequently turned to LRC. LRC’s commitment to excellence finds a very receptive audience here at HP. The quality of LRC’s work and service is high and LRC’s costs are lower than those of outside counsel.”

Betsy Snider, Aetna Life & Casualty, Hartford, CT

“A perfect job…very well done, very thorough, well-written, well-researched.”

William Moss, Risk Enterprise Management, Chicago, IL

“By combining LRC’s state-of-the-art legal research with our highly skilled defense counsel, we have enhanced our ability to achieve desired case outcomes at lower costs.”

James Seifert, Toro, Minneapolis, MN

“LRC is the alternative to the $10,000 law firm brief.”

Joe Molinaro, Manager, Smart Growth Programs, National Association of REALTORS, Washington, DC

“NAR’s Multi-State Issue Tracker is the premiere online resource for legislative and regulatory research, hot-topics, and trends in the U.S. real estate industry.”

James Seifert, Former Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary, Tennant, Minneapolis, MN

“To make informed business decisions, we need information that is accurate, current, and concise. We also need information that is consistently presented and easily understood by both legal and non-legal staff. LRC helps us overcome these hurdles. The quality, efficiency, and affordability of their surveys proved to be an effective solution for us.”

Dennis Black, Goldberg Kohn’s Corporate Securities & Tax Group, Chicago, IL

“I think LRC fills a very valuable role. There is no way that my firm, or most firms, could produce these projects for the same cost. I know that you thought that I was unusual in directing a client to LRC rather than capturing the work for my firm, but I believe that my professional responsibility is to obtain the best overall result for my client.”

Robert Verderaime, Baltimore, MD

“I am enclosing the per curiam opinion of the Fourth Circuit. They really must have been impressed with your brief! Thanks for the excellent work, the timeliness of getting the brief to me, and the cooperation extended.”

Mary Maring, Fargo, ND

“I’ve used LRC’s whole gamut of services—research, memo writing, brief drafting, etc. I’ve also used LRC on a number of appeals. Every time I’ve used LRC I’ve won the case.”

Ralph Palumbo, Seattle, WA

“I promised for several years that we would find projects for LRC. When we finally did, the result was even better than I had imagined. Our experience was so positive that we will consider LRC for every research task of significance, and we will have no hesitation to sell our choice of using LRC as a money saver for our clients.”

Linda Holstein, Minneapolis, MN

“Your brief is absolutely wonderful! That you did it so fast is amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

John Gehlhausen, Lamar, CO

“Great #$&*@! brief!”

Paul Strapp, ADT Security, Parsippany, NJ

“Your multijurisdictional survey was excellent; the information was detailed, quickly accessible, and very complete.”

Rick Harpster, Diebold Inc., Canton, OH

"LRC’s Fire &amp Burglar Alarm Monitoring-Licensing Requirements Survey was very helpful to Diebold Inc. - a real time and cost saver. The survey was simply unavailable from other sources. It was accurate, organized well and very readable."

Linda Hansen, Fisher Scientific Company, Houston, TX

“As my company prepared for the launch of a drug testing program, we solicited quotations for a multistate survey from a number of our outside labor law firms in various jurisdictions in the United States. The cost of providing us this information was far in excess of the price at which LRC was able to make it available to us. And we are continuing to reap the benefit, by sharing in the cost recoupment.”

Bogda M. B. Clarke, International Fidelity Insurance Company, Newark, NJ

“LRC’s Insurance Fraud Survey is an excellent product and very helpful to me. I use it frequently.”

Kevin Roché, United HealthCare Corporation, Minneapolis, MN

“LRC’s multijurisdictional surveys improve our access to critical information and make our decision-making process more efficient. I strongly recommend LRC’s multijurisdictional surveys.”

Richard Plattner, Phoenix, AZ

“I have confidence that Legal Research Center team will get my legal analysis and writing done right. They exceed my picky standards and reflect the quality and accuracy I require in serving my clients.”

Dennis M. Malone, Trinidad, CO

“Our office changed 25 years ago when we first used LRC. We learned that we could afford first-class legal research and writing in vibrant rural southern Colorado, could compete on a new level, and expand our clientele. Since then we are batting 1000 on the projects entrusted to LRC. For us they are a difference maker, whether we just need relevant citations, full national search, a memorandum, or drop in argument for a motion or brief. We rely on LRC as our go to legal assistant an highly recommend their services.”

L. Gerard, New York, NY

“I was faced with a too busy practice and a series of complex issues that needed immediate research. LRC came to my rescue in record time, with a first rate job, and for a fair price. I shall not hesitate to use these professionals again.”

Steve Cahill, Moorhead, MN

“I was in trial, just an hour away from closing arguments when the judge made a bad ruling on a jury instruction. I called at 12:15 P.M. and told you that I needed a case to support my position...within 45 minutes you provided me with the case, the judge gave the jury the appropriate instruction, and we won.”

Customer, Mendocino, CA

“I'd like you to know that I've found your service the most satisfying, rewarding and courteous dot com that I've ever dealt with.”

Customer, Seattle, WA

"Bottom line―I use your service almost exclusively because it fits well with my research technique and I am confident in its coverage of the databases it has.”

Customer, Norfolk, VA

“Every nickel I save using your service manages in the end to aid the client's case. Great job! Keep it up.”

Customer, Morristown, NJ

“I do like the service as it is the fastest way to get the most recent decisions from the US Supreme Court and the Appellate Courts without costing an arm and a leg every time.”

Roxanne Barton Conlin, Des Moines, IA

“Your work was excellent. The judge in the case described it as the most ingenious brief he had ever seen.”

Omar Habbas, San Jose, CA

“Your research was responsible for a settlement more than eight times the initial offer we had received.”

Alan L. Inglis, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“LRC definitely is more cost effective than hiring an additional associate.”

John Gehlhausen, Past President, Colorado Trial Lawyers Association, Denver, CO

“I have practiced law doing trial work for 44 years. This was absolutely one of the best briefs I have ever seen done by anybody.”

Tony Elfelt, Anoka, MN

“The insurance company reversed their position 180 degrees after I sent your brief to them. They not only acknowledged coverage, but they offered both of my clients their full policy limits.”

Customer, Brundidge, AL

“Your service has always provided me with the very best service, excellent, friendly and personal customer service, and hands down, without question, no competition, period, end-of-subject, *THE BEST* value I have ever gotten for the price for anything, ever, in my life. It's been a lifesaver for me. I couldn't have survived as an attorney, especially doing a lot of pro bono work, without it. You guys are tops! Absolutely the best! Thank you.”

Customer, Murray, UT

“I enjoyed your service and working with your company. Your company is very professional and the site is easy to use.”

John C. McCarthy, Claremont, CA

“LRC’s help in my recent eight-week jury trial was a lifesaver. With your prompt and effective research, you help the small plaintiffs’ law firm match the mega-firm’s research capabilities when we need it.”

Donald A. Shapiro, Chicago, IL

“I just wanted to express my appreciation and to compliment your staff for the outstanding assistance you provided me. The trial brief and post-trial brief were an invaluable contribution to the over-all effort that achieved the largest verdict in Wisconsin history. I would not hesitate to call upon your services again in the future and I would enthusiastically recommend your services to other attorneys.”

Customer, Ely, NV

“Your service is absolutely wonderful. You really do a great deal right without a lot of hullabaloo and a lot of advertising. Excellent work. Very helpful to the practitioner. I recently renewed my subscription to your service, and enjoy its ease of navigation; nowhere else I've found offers so much for so little.”

Customer, Roseville, CA

“For more than 4 years your service has been my go to" online legal resource.”"

Customer, San Pedro, CA

“...I am happy to say that I won my case and was greatly assisted by the use of your service. Access to relevant appellate cases made it possible for me to understand the court’s focus and perspective. I managed to concisely present the salient points of my argument with references to relevant case law and was unchallenged by the opposition council – who apparently didn't have your service or didn't expect such a proficient and knowledgeable opponent.”

Customer, Davis, CA

“Thank you for the best legal research value anywhere. I just sent notices to the 350 lawyers who belong to a small bar association recommending it.”