Legal Compliance Surveys

Legal Compliance Surveys

There is no such thing as a “typical” compliance program. Different companies will have different needs and priorities, and different approaches to meeting those needs and priorities. In order to be effective, compliance programs must be tailored to fit a particular company. The effective program must also be responsive, not only to changing needs and shifting priorities, but to changes in the regulatory landscape. Effective programs are also flexible enough to address the crises that will always come up.

We are ready to help you with your effective compliance program. As a trusted resource for hundreds of customers, Legal Research Center Inc. has been researching, analyzing and surveying laws and regulations, across a wide range of industries, for nearly four decades. That experience is available to you on Compliance Partner in LegalResearch.com.

The Legal Compliance Surveys on Compliance Partner start with analyses of laws and regulations. Our unique approach to presenting this information distills the applicable laws and regulations that will impact your business. The Surveys address single issues in a straight forward manner for you to comply with confidence.

Compliance Partner Surveys are also tailored to give you what you need, when you need it. Surveys are developed to address the concerns of your company, in your industry. Our extensive legal and regulatory experience lets us pinpoint legal and compliance issues that are important to you. Just as importantly, we respond to your shifting needs and priorities. Our work for you is not limited by an agenda that we set, but can take the focus you need at any time. We offer custom work produced to your deadlines.

The Surveys are designed to:

  • Give you concise, direct answers to your questions, when you need to have them answered.
  • Present you with timely information concerning statutes and regulations.
  • Provide you with accurate citations to the statutes or regulations that the answer is based on.
  • Deliver this information to you when you need it.

The task of identifying and analyzing the right laws and regulations will never end. Laws and rules are always changing, and your company is also changing all the time. We can take on this, and distill the information into an easy to use resource for your compliance needs. Let our Legal Compliance Surveys be your partner in compliance.

Below are three solutions that we can provide you. How may we help you today?

Administrative regulations increasingly set standards of conduct. But researching, analyzing, and updating them properly can be time-consuming—and treacherous. Our Research Attorneys combine the retrieval skills you’d expect of top researchers with the analytic abilities of seasoned legal pros.
Corporations and trade associations enlist LegalResearch.com’s help to track new and proposed legislation. We offer the best in up-to-date tracking services tailored to your concerns.
Laws change on a daily basis, and organizations must react quickly to ensure compliance with new rules, statutes, and regulations.  We keep our Legal Compliance Surveys up to date to keep you informed on a yearly, quarterly, or monthly basis.

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Our Customers Say It Best

“The Legal Research Center helped Republic Mortgage Insurance Company by conducting a 50-state review of laws about property ownership by foreigners. We later distributed the workproducts to all our field underwriting offices as part of a package on underwriting mortgage loans to aliens. We could not have done this ourselves.”

John K. Motsinger

Republic Mortgage Insurance Co., Winston-Salem, NC

“There is great consistency in LRC’s excellent work and there is a real effort within LRC to build on what is known or what has been learned.”

Douglas Sharps

Healthcare Recoveries, Inc., Louisville, KY

“I am repeatedly amazed at the diligence of LRC. They make sure all the bases are covered, using all available resources. They don’t overlook anything. And one of the best aspects of LRC is that their researchers require very little direction.”

Barbara Sutherland

Northland Insurance Company, St. Paul, MN

“LRC was selected as Heller’s preferred provider of research, writing and knowledge management services because of its passion for excellence and its commitment to customer service, technological innovation and strategic partnering.”

Mark Ohringer

Heller Financial, Chicago, IL