Standards and Best Practice

Standards and Best Practice

Knowledge is necessary to any successful compliance initiative, but knowledge is only the first ingredient. The compliance team must translate the information into actionable items for the organization. This can be a challenge. To help you create an effective program, we provide an in-depth review of the best practices and standards utilized in your industry. We provide the resources you need to implement the best possible strategy for your business organization.

Below are three solutions that we can provide you. How may we help you today?

A thorough review of the standards and best practices promulgated by respected authorities and adopted by peers and associations in your industry.
Comprehensive practical tools to assist development and implementation of compliance programs in step with established best practices and industry standards.
Subscription-based updates on changes to best practices, enforcement action guidance, and forthcoming industry standards.

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Our Customers Say It Best

“The Legal Research Center helped Republic Mortgage Insurance Company by conducting a 50-state review of laws about property ownership by foreigners. We later distributed the workproducts to all our field underwriting offices as part of a package on underwriting mortgage loans to aliens. We could not have done this ourselves.”

John K. Motsinger

Republic Mortgage Insurance Co., Winston-Salem, NC

“There is great consistency in LRC’s excellent work and there is a real effort within LRC to build on what is known or what has been learned.”

Douglas Sharps

Healthcare Recoveries, Inc., Louisville, KY

“I am repeatedly amazed at the diligence of LRC. They make sure all the bases are covered, using all available resources. They don’t overlook anything. And one of the best aspects of LRC is that their researchers require very little direction.”

Barbara Sutherland

Northland Insurance Company, St. Paul, MN

“LRC was selected as Heller’s preferred provider of research, writing and knowledge management services because of its passion for excellence and its commitment to customer service, technological innovation and strategic partnering.”

Mark Ohringer

Heller Financial, Chicago, IL