Case-Specific Analysis

Analysis: Helping you make sense of it all.

Although we are not in your office, LegalResearch.com’s experienced Research Attorneys work alongside you to ensure your case-specific analysis needs are met on your terms, on your schedule and on your budget. Whether evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of a potential case or evaluating the factual background of a case and preparing a memorandum detailing the probable legal outcome, we allow you to sleep at night with the peace of mind that you’ve got it all covered.

With nearly 4 decades of experience, we have handled literally thousands of case-specific analysis assignments covering thousands of legal issues in every area of law.

Below are four types of Case-Specific Analysis we can conduct on your behalf. How may we help you today?

We assess the strengths and weaknesses of your case; take the research we’ve done for you and deliver a full examination of every legal issue involved; and help you know exactly where you stand so you can confidently move to the next step in your legal strategy.
A “bulletproof” second look at your brief. This is a complete review that will ensure every court requirement is met, all substance and grammar have been reviewed and edited, and that your brief is polished to court-ready form.
Objective background information gives you an edge. You provide the facts and we draft a memorandum articulating the probable legal outcome. It’s a valuable tool for settlement negotiations, preparation for filing suit, or going to trial.

Case viability: Gain the background to learn whether a prospective case or a specific argument is worth your time to pursue.
Cause of action: Review your facts against the law to identify and evaluate potential causes of action.
Argument development: Find the authorities and discussion you need to make a compelling case; use the memo as the core of your court submissions.
Case valuation: Compare the matter against similar cases and damages to inform pleadings and settlement negotiations.
Court trends: Analyze judicial reactions to cases like yours for a practical take on your case.

Get a discussion of any legal question written in an easy-to-read manner. No extensive citation formalities. No legal technicalities. Our Letter Reports get to the heart of the matter, quickly and in plain English.

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Our Customers Say It Best

“Our office changed 25 years ago when we first used LRC. We learned that we could afford first-class legal research and writing in vibrant rural southern Colorado, could compete on a new level, and expand our clientele. Since then we are batting 1000 on the projects entrusted to LRC. For us they are a difference maker, whether we just need relevant citations, full national search, a memorandum, or drop in argument for a motion or brief. We rely on LRC as our go to legal assistant an highly recommend their services.”

Dennis M. Malone

Trinidad, Colorado

“LRC definitely is more cost effective than hiring an additional associate.”

Alan L. Inglis

Rancho Cucamonga, California

“I have confidence that Legal Research Center team will get my legal analysis and writing done right. They exceed my picky standards and reflect the quality and accuracy I require in serving my clients.”

Richard Plattner

Phoenix, Arizona