Litigation Partner

Your secret weapon adding decades of legal experience to your litigation practice.

Win more cases without taking on more staff.

Litigation Partner is your secret weapon adding decades of legal experience to your litigation practice. Our team of attorneys provides expert research, analysis and writing on your terms, your schedule and your budget to help you win cases and grow your business.

Consider us the secret weapon you’ll never want to fire.

You’re a small private law firm, so chances are you’re required to do far more work with far fewer resources. And in far less time. In order for you to devote enough time to your clients and the cases at hand, you need to get the “busy” work done – accurately, completely, and on time. Outsourcing that work is where more and more firms like yours are turning to handle research…analysis…writing…and more.

But where is the resource you can trust to produce court-ready and client-ready materials on your timeline and within your client’s budget? How do you find the team that can become your “secret weapon”?

You can’t beat experience.

We are the nation’s premier provider of outsourced legal services, and we are committed to always delivering exceptional work and unparalleled value.

LegalResearch.com handles complex legal issues on tight deadlines – but we are much more than the team to call on when you have more work than you can handle or run into an unfamiliar area of law. We offer on-demand research, analysis, and writing services that allow you to routinely take on and win more cases without the prohibitive cost of permanent full-time staff.

LegalResearch.com was founded nearly four decades ago, and during that time we have assembled a core team of research attorney-editors and project management specialists plus a global network of legal subject matter and practice area experts who we can scale to augment our core team.

It pays to be versatile. Very versatile.

LegalResearch.com is designed to help you ease your workload. We have handled literally tens of thousands of research assignments and our research attorneys have researched hundreds of thousands of legal issues in every area of the law.  But even though our name boldly states “research,” LegalResearch.com can help you handle so much more.

Expert Research
  • Legal Research
  • Factual Research
  • Party Research
Case-Specific Analysis
  • Case Evaluation
  • Case Proof
  • In-house Memoranda of Law
  • Letter Reports
Accurate Writing Solutions
  • Appellate Briefs
  • Drop-in Arguments for Briefs
  • Trial Pleadings
  • Trial Court Memoranda

We're your responsive secret weapon.

We may not be in your office, but we are on your team. We work alongside you and your staff every step of the way to ensure that your research, analysis, and writing needs are met on your terms, on your schedule, and on your budget.

That’s why you can consider our team of seasoned litigation experts as your “secret weapon,” giving you the confidence that you are the best prepared you can possibly be for every case and every deadline – every time.

LegalResearch.com responds quickly to tight deadlines and unexpected client demands. We can put in all of the effort necessary to make sure you have the time to concentrate on your case. And best of all, you can sleep at night with the peace of mind that you’ve got everything covered.

Our Customers Say It Best