Expert Research

Research: Legal and Beyond.

Designed to get the busy work done on your behalf, LegalResearch.com allows you to focus on your client’s business. Whether searching for an obscure citation or preparing an annotated list of cases and statutes covering any legal topic, we work alongside of you to ensure your research needs are met on your terms, on your schedule, and on your budget.

With nearly 4 decades of experience, we have handled literally tens of thousands of research assignments and our research attorneys have researched hundreds of thousands of legal issues in every area of the law.

Below are three types of Expert Research we can conduct on your behalf. How may we help you today?

An affordable way to prepare an annotated list of cases and statutes covering any legal topic. We provide the authorities so you can construct the best legal argument possible. And when you have an obscure citation and need to see the genuine article, we provide them from the medical, business, trade, or any other specialized industry. In fact, our retrieval rate is 99%. No one else can match that.
Background research on a variety of litigated issues including medical, technical, engineering, and business literature.
Backgrounds on the parties and key players involved in a litigation; judicial profiles and expert witness backgrounds; and complete backgrounders on corporations and industries.

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Our Customers Say It Best

“Your research was responsible for a settlement more than eight times the initial offer we had received.”

Omar Habbas

San Jose, California

“I promised for several years that we would find projects for LRC. When we finally did, the result was even better than I had imagined. Our experience was so positive that we will consider LRC for every research task of significance, and we will have no hesitation to sell our choice of using LRC as a money saver for our clients.”

Ralph Palumbo

Seattle, WA

“I’ve used LRC’s whole gamut of services—research, memo writing, brief drafting, etc. I’ve also used LRC on a number of appeals. Every time I’ve used LRC I’ve won the case.”

Mary Maring

Fargo, ND

“I was faced with a too busy practice and a series of complex issues that needed immediate research. LRC came to my rescue in record time, with a first rate job, and for a fair price. I shall not hesitate to use these professionals again.”

L. Gerard

New York, New York